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In the past, it was all about the marketing funnel. Today, it’s about the customer journey. If you’re not guiding your customers through a journey based on forming an emotional bond with your brand, you’re off the mark.

In this 1.5 hour course, you’ll cover the sales funnel model that went untouched for way too long and discover what it’s evolving into now. You’ll learn how to pinpoint the moments that matter to your customers, the monetary value of keeping customers coming back — and proven strategies to help you do it. You’ll dive into attribution marketing and how to make it work like a well-oiled machine, and you’ll understand how collaboration will help you construct a customer journey map that tells a story.

The most successful brands build relationships with their customers that last beyond the first sale. Take this course for strategies to make the customer journey work for you.

This course is best suited for: Students, Entry-level marketers

The Customer Journey

    What you'll learn

  • Welcome
  • The Traditional Marketing Funnel
  • The Modern Sales Hourglass
  • The Customer Journey Map
  • The Customer Journey - A Collaborative Effort
  • Course Completion & Final Feedback Questionnaire