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In a world obsessed with marketing to Millennials, a new generation is quickly becoming the consumer force to be reckoned with. Generation Z makes up one-quarter of the U.S. population, and yet how many brands are actually capitalizing on their buying potential?

This course will break down the potential of Gen Z for you, and illuminate the opportunities to engage this powerhouse generation — and, believe us, they’re massive. You’ll learn what makes Gen Z’s purchasing power completely different than that of any previous generation, the types of media that snag their attention with the most success, and strategies to prepare marketing campaigns that actually drive revenue. The attributes of this generation will surprise you, and the relatively untapped advertising possibilities will too.

This is a generation that was born into a world of screens, and they’re tough to impress. Take this course to learn how to do just that.

This course is best suited for: Small businesses, Entry-level marketers, Marketing managers

Gen Z: Know Your Audience

    What you'll learn

  • Welcome
  • Who are Generation Z?
  • Advertising to Gen Z
  • Course Completion & Final Feedback Questionnaire