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Diverse, socially conscious consumers are today’s powerful new norm (and they’re leaving brands they don’t feel connected to). The question for advertisers isn’t whether to incorporate diversity and inclusion into your ad campaigns, it’s how do you do it effectively?

In this course, you’ll start with a few fundamentals — like the critical difference between diversity and inclusion that every ad professional (and every employee) should know, and how to recognize Power in your team dynamics as well as in your ads. You’ll learn why some attempts at diversity and inclusion in advertising drive performance beyond expectations while others flop (or worse, offend). And, you’ll get basic strategies to get the proper perspective to appeal to a diverse, socially conscious audience.

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just important, they’re actually driving loyalty and profits for brands that are doing it well. Take this course to understand how you can be one of them.

This course is best suited for: Entry-level marketers, Marketing managers, C-Suite

Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising

    What you'll learn

  • Welcome
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising
  • Inclusion in the Industry
  • Recap, Resources, & Final Feedback Questionnaire