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The more marketing gets hands-on with Artificial Intelligence, the more it seems the two were made for each other. Are you capitalizing on this explosive trend, and if not, how do you even begin?

This 30 minute long course will set you up to discover how AI works for marketers and advertisers. You’ll learn what AI actually is (and no, it’s not quite the same thing as machine learning), and find out what intelligent tools are best suited for your needs — and which to ignore for now. The truth is, AI has been shown to improve marketing RIO and can help you reach your targeted audience in fresh and relevant ways, but this new tech is not without its drawbacks.

There are more ways to use AI for marketing than you might think. Take this course to learn what those ways are and help inform the decision to invest in marketing AI or not.

This course is best suited for: Small businesses, Marketing managers, C-Suite

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing 101

    What you'll learn

  • Welcome
  • AI Basics
  • Emerging AI Technologies
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of AI
  • Current Market
  • Course Completion & Final Feedback Questionnaire