Build a workforce

Build a workforce ofInnovators and doers

In our industry, “change” means doing more with less. ALEx courses are relevant to the work your team does every day, and what’s coming next.

Building your internal capabilities through training that directly supports your strategy will keep you ahead of the competition, instead of reacting to it.

Team empowerment

Say goodbye to awkward training videos and generic course work. Professional development is getting a digital facelift.

ALEx works to support your precise needs and create course collections to enhance your team’s capabilities and confidence.

Learning optimization

One size does not fit all. ALEx storytellers and instructional designers create courses based on your goals and unique perspective to optimize learning for your team.

We transform information into a full learning experience with measurable outcomes defined by your stakeholders.

(Re)assess your team

To really drive maximum learning ROI, teams need to constantly assess skill levels as technology changes. The marketing and advertising industry is only going to increase in complexity.

To get the most efficient and up-to-the-minute training, ALEx provides ongoing evaluations that businesses can distribute to their teams.

Custom experiences

ALEx gives you the ability you to customize the learning experience for your entire team.

Create tailored group experiences, craft course playlists, make selections from the course marketplace, and even segment your teams based on specific learning objectives and assignments.

Collaborative environment

Leverage ALEx’s exclusive connection tools to create a collaborative learning environment for your team – no matter where they are.

Group projects, live webinars, discussion feeds, and more engage your team to learn better, together.

Why ALEx?

  • First and only subscription-based training solution for advertising and media professionals.
  • Relevant curriculum led by industry experts.
  • Courses range across all advertising & media topics.
  • Community increases engagement & encourages knowledge transfer among users.
  • ALEx instructional designers ensure each course has defined, measurable learning objectives.
  • Dedicated enterprise portal, linked to the larger ALEx marketplace gives you control over scaling your programs.
  • Custom course development tailored to your team’s needs.
  • Managed end-to-end LMS + content solution.
  • Progress tracking, reporting & user insights.

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