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Why Your Team Needs Learning Now More Than Ever

Chelsea Iversen May. 14, 2020

You may be struggling to keep your team motivated or to help them stay up to date with the lightning-quick shifts in the marketing and advertising industry. You may also be looking for ways to get the same (or better) performance from a lighter team and fewer resources.

As difficult as these challenges are, they are real. And whereas giving your team the opportunity to learn new skills will not solve everything, it could be the difference between surviving and thriving during this time.

Here are some ways we need learning now more than ever to help teams operate at full efficiency:

1. With learning, you learn faster

When we learn regularly, our brains produce myelin, a white-matter substance that increases the speed and capacity of brain synapses. When you learn and improve skills through practice, you’re actually teaching yourself to learn better and making the process of learning even more efficient. For teams, this is an essential process. More learning pushes them to increase efficiency in mastering critical skills. And it doesn’t require coaching or motivation from you; it’s all done through a natural process within our brains.

2. Learning improves performance

This might sound obvious, but learning improves performance. That fact is also built into our brain function. A study of musicians’ brains showed that the density of myelin in the brain was directly correlated with the number of hours and the amount of practice those musicians spent learning the basics of music. This study shows the incredible capacity of learning and its impact on mastery and, eventually, as an indicator of performance.

3. Learning improves communication

Learning skills in marketing and advertising areas that are new to you or to your team can help enhance communication. Whether you’re partnering with an outside agency to execute your advertising or bringing digital advertising in-house, you need to be able to speak the language in order to truly maximize value. Give your team the gift of competence and confidence with learning that helps them understand the ins and outs of complex marketing, advertising, and media concepts. Understanding concepts thoroughly can help your team walk the talk and execute it all with confidence.

4. Keeps boredom at bay

Before the Coronavirus crisis began, Gallup completed a study that found employee engagement to be at an all-time high of 34 percent. However, that study also found that 53 percent of employees were not engaged at work. Today, with uncertainty looming, furloughs, and skyrocketing unemployment, employees may be losing some sense of loyalty to your company or team, or they may be disengaged and distracted by the many stressors and changes that have come as a result of today’s restrictions. Either way, you can keep your employees engaged by giving them something that’s work-adjacent to find accomplishment in. Learning new marketing and advertising skills can be entertaining — especially when it caters to all learning styles — but it can also show your team that you are dedicated to helping them find development in their careers.

5. Learning makes you more adaptable

Regular learning habits help you break apart perceived limitations. And forming habits that put you in the learning zone — without overstretching you to the point of shut-down — helps you adapt to new situations with more ease. Take the analogy of exercise. Habitually exercising helps you break down muscle tissue to build new tissue in its place. Over-exercise and you may pull a muscle, making it hard to function at all. Under-exercise and your body won’t be prepared for activities that require muscle. Learning is similar. Regular learning helps put you in the ideal challenge zone where you can keep your mind adaptable to various situations. Staying sharp and pushing yourself to venture (safely) into the unknown is what makes differentiates good teams from excellent ones.

6. Learning encourages self-motivation habits

If done right, learning can help adults exercise and practice habits of independence. eLearning and microlearning are two ways to jumpstart these habits and are particularly helpful for members of remote teams who need activities like these to stay motivated during difficult times and times away from the office.

Interested in getting your team learning?