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Why Marketers Need to Care About 5G

Chelsea Iversen Feb. 26, 2020

Back in November, we told you 5G would be something to look out for in 2020. Well, it’s barely 2020 and 5G is here, and it’s confusing consumers and marketers alike. Verizon is clearly a pioneer in the 5G space with its deployment of millimeter-wave frequency 5G in over 30 cities nationwide. This recent Verizon commercial with comedian Jenny Slate highlights the battle in the 5G space as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) fight for market share:

It’s commercials like this, last year’s litigation between Sprint and AT&T, and T-Mobile’s Bill Nye explainer videos that make one thing clear — 5G is a big confusing mess.

Despite it all, 5G should be on every marketer’s radar. 5G has the ability to transfer more data per second than previous mobile generations. It enables quicker network connectivity, supports more devices per geographic location, and provides faster bandwidth. With its more sophisticated capabilities, 5G will make way for a more connected world by increasing the availability and reliability of products such as automated cars, medical robots, and smart devices in the market. 5G is still in toddlerhood, but when it reaches its full potential, the results will be impressive.

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Here are some ways advertisers and marketers will be able to up their games as 5G becomes a reality this year and beyond:

1. Engage consumers

As 5G is rolling out more and more, it’s clear that high-band 5G load speeds are much faster than 4G. For advertisers, that means more opportunity to engage consumers with eye-catching video and creative. It also means consumers will have more time to view ads online — possibly increasing the value (and cost) of those ads.

2. Augment and mix reality

Faster speeds will mean more opportunities for marketers to build AR, VR and mixed reality into their ad experience. The new network capabilities are going to change the way brands interact with consumers, creating a pathway for faster speeds and more information to be delivered in both directions. This new technology may just separate good advertising from great advertising. It may just be an opportunity for people to “fall back in love with advertising,” according to Kelly Engstrom, brand and demand generation communications director for EE.

3. Connect with things

When it’s fully realized, 5G will mean more uses for the Internet of Things (IoT) in the way business is run. It will connect processes in supply chain, wearable tech, and other sectors with more speed than ever before. In short, 5G will enable marketers to get their hands on more product and user data than they’ve ever had before.

There’s so much more marketers need to know about 5G. Start here:

5G Fundamentals

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