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It's About Humanity

Allie Shaffer Jun. 4, 2020

Colleagues and Friends,

We at ALEx stand in solidarity with our colleagues, clients, partners, and fellow Americans to combat racial injustice and inequality in America. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. And we know that black lives matter. We are all humans and it is that humanity that binds us all together and as Americans, we are all protected under the same Civil Rights that our Constitution grants us without regard to the color of our skin or any other superficial differences.

On #BlackOutTuesday, our team joined the country and went on pause. We took time to think about how we can be better allies in the fight for racial justice and what lessons we can learn from the tragic killing of George Floyd, a black American citizen, by white American police officers while being detained for a minor alleged offense. An incident that has been all too often repeated in this decade. How do we cope with the civil unrest that follows; and how we can contribute to fighting systemic racism and discrimination of any kind, targeting any segment of our citizenry?

As an education company, we believe that education is key for addressing this centuries-old problem and we know we must act. The thing about solving systemic problems is that the work will never be done. And yet we know education can combat and overcome the type of ignorance that leads to the ugliness of racism and bigotry.

Just as we have to be taught to hate and fear we can also be taught not to. We have to start somewhere.

Today, we have made our “Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising” course available as part of our Free subscription.

It is a basic course that teaches the difference between diversity and inclusion and knowing how to recognize Power in your team dynamics as well as in your ads. You’ll learn why some attempts at diversity and inclusion in advertising drive performance beyond expectations while others flop (or worse, offend). And, you’ll get basic strategies to get the proper perspective to appeal to a diverse, socially conscious audience.”

This is today’s contribution – for the future, our team will continue to deliver more in-depth content on Diversity & Inclusion in our industry in the form of additional courses and executive briefs.

In addition, our team asked me to share the following resource links:

Antiracism resources:

40 ways to help right now from NY Bucket List:

5 ways to support protesters if you can’t protest, yourself:

What to read/donate/watch:

Many of you reading this have already made sizable contributions to advancing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in the advertising industry. We at ALEx see you and admire your efforts.

Here are some notable articles from publishers we follow.

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In closing, if you have developed best practices or a curriculum that has had a positive impact or if you have other best practices or success stories you might wish to share with us, please reach out to me at and we will work with you on building and distributing your stories and resources to our subscribers in future courses.

Thank you all for taking the time out to read our weekly emails and blog posts. We are honored to be a part of your community and hope you find our content informative and enjoyable as we navigate through this very difficult time together.

Sincerely yours,

Alexandra Shaffer and the ALEx Team