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How to Build a Team to Increase Marketing ROI

Chelsea Iversen Jan. 15, 2020

You need to increase your marketing ROI. We all do. But it feels like a challenge when there are new channels, new expectations, new datasets, new AI configurations, and new platforms to learn all the time. How do you build a marketing team that’s in the know?

There are now more than 7,000 marketing technologies available to choose from, seemingly with a solution to everything. In 2017, there were only 3,500 martech solutions on the market, and in 2014, there were a measly 350. Things have changed quickly. How do you get your team up to speed?

With traditional training methods, there’s simply no way to keep up. No single course or certification taken last year is going to prepare your marketing team for what they need to know this year or next.

To build a team that has the capability to really increase marketing ROI, there are certain steps you need to take:

1. Assess your team's skills

To begin, take a look into what your team already knows and what skills they need to better focus on ROI. Look at your team as a whole when assessing skills. Because there are so many marketing functions, it’s rare that any one marketer can meet all the criteria. Instead, when you see your team as a unit that works together, and assess the skillset of that unit, you may see holes in knowledge. These holes can translate to specific avenues of learning that your team should undergo to develop the skills you need to make sure your marketing ROI is being maximized.

2. Invest in ongoing learning

There is more to learn every day, week, month, year. One employee completing a certification course in programmatic advertising will benefit the organization for a short period of time, but what happens when the rules of search or programmatic ads shift in a few months? How are you going to ensure that you’re now getting the most value from your marketing spend? The answer is found in ongoing learning.

The world we live in, and almost everything we consume, is built on a subscription model. Ongoing services and products are delivered with customer relationships at the forefront. So skillbuilding shouldn’t be any different, especially when the health of your business is what’s at stake.

3. Control your curriculum

Marketers need a customized approach to learning that lets their team learn what they need to, when they need to. Whether you just want the marketing basics, top marketing trends, a specific onboarding curriculum, a deep dive into digital advertising, or a completely bespoke curriculum that applies only to your team, control is key. You shouldn’t have to waste time scouring the internet to learn what’s new in marketing.

4. Be completely agile

In a recent Gartner study, 89 percent of marketers said they embrace some form of agile marketing. If marketing as a whole seems to be embracing the value of an agile, iterative approach, that philosophy could easily translate to filling the marketing skills gap in any organization. Learning agility and adaptability can help increase marketing ROI. That’s because skills learned today may not even be relevant in a year. Taking care to design your approach to learning as an ongoing process is essential to enhancing business performance over time.

5. Upskill within the budget

It’s no secret that marketing budgets are tightening overall. They’re the lowest they’ve been in five years. And yet, learning is one of the first things to get cut when budgets are tight. It makes sense with traditional learning strategies that are too expensive to include most of the team and supply knowledge with an expiration date. But ongoing, budget-friendly learning could just be the answer to help you build a marketing team that helps increase marketing ROI.

Fitting all this inside a sagging budget, however, requires scalability. It requires investing in learning that is reasonable enough to allow everyone on your team to upskill as needed, month over month, because that’s what you need to make sure your marketing operations are cohesive and aligned with your bottom line.

Marketing is one of the most powerful functions for sales and customer success, for revenue and profit, for the company’s bottom line. Therefore, building a marketing team that is aligned with your overall business objectives is one way to help increase marketing ROI, and subscription-based learning can help you get there.

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