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Immerse yourself in the industryStand out from the crowd

The marketing and advertising industry is constantly changing. It’s important to get ahead and stay on top of trends, especially while in school and job hunting. The ALEx Scholars curriculum is curated by industry experts to focus on helping students forge a career path by providing the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in entry-level positions.

And the best part? It’s free for all HBCU students and alumni.

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Boost your resume

Prepare to crush your interviews. Learn the industry lingo and leverage expertise traditionally acquired only through years of on-the-job training.

Complete the ALEx Scholars Curriculum and earn a badge that you can display on your resume, giving you an edge in a highly competitive job market. Check out the ALEx Scholars Badge credentials HERE.

Collaborative environment

Complete your profile and try our connection tools to experience a collaborative learning environment. Network with other students and professionals in the ALEx community.

Live webinars, discussion feeds, and more engage you to learn effectively, in discussion with others, or on your own.

Expert designed & curated curriculum

Our expert instructional design team partnered with industry insiders to curate the most comprehensive and relevant curriculum on the market for entry-level job seekers.

With six foundational learning paths, twenty-one required courses, and eleven recommended elective courses, you get all the guidance you need to expand your industry knowledge beyond what you learn at a traditional school and pave the way toward your career specialization.

ALEx Scholars Curriculum

Media Foundations


  • Digital Campaigns 101
  • Direct Response 101
  • Advertising on Linear TV


  • Addressable TV
  • Influencer Marketing

Media Ecosystems


  • Digital Ecosystem 101
  • Ad Formats & Delivery
  • Programmatic 101


  • Podcast Advertising 101
  • The Modern TV Landscape
  • The State of Digital
  • The State of Search

Audience & Planning


  • The Customer Journey
  • Content Marketing Trends 2020
  • Syndicated Research


  • Chatbots 101
  • UX 101

Industry Insider


  • Career Development 101
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Industry
  • Ad Fraud 101


  • In-house Digital
  • Subscription Model Business Basics

Data & Measurement


  • Attribution 101
  • Campaign Effectiveness 101
  • Digital Reach & Frequency
  • Deterministic & Probabilistic Data


  • Third Party Data Basics

Regulation &


  • Digital Marketing Regulation & Compliance
  • Ad Formats & Delivery
  • CCPA: Need to Know
  • GDPR: 2020 Update

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