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ALEx is building a learning community for ad and media professionals.

We know first hand that the constant industry shifts lead to late nights of searching or floundering through meetings as you try to grasp an emerging concept.

Leveraging our long-standing expertise in e-learning, we created a dedicated space for us all to learn, connect and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest from around the advertising and media industry.

About us

The ALEx team comes to work every day dedicated to providing relevant and accessible learning for our members. Our goal is to provide services that help our members get ahead in their careers, close the talent gaps on their teams, and have easy access to learning solutions.

“We want to make learning in this industry accessible, easy to navigate, and affordable for all.”

We know that the best performing teams are always learning, always improving. We echo that sentiment in our team and in our work.

ALEx storytellers, instructional designers, and course providers are constantly on the lookout for exciting and timely content. We take learning seriously and invest in our own professional development. And, we are honored to partner with members and clients that are as geeky about ad tech, strategy, and media as we are and just as dedicated to learning.

Thought leadership

We've partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) as a Thought Leadership Partner to lead the conversation on advertising and media training, continuous industry learning and closing the talent gap for good.

Our team


Allie Shaffer
Allie Shaffer

Managing Director

Allie began her career as a management consultant focusing on executive development and training, and startup business and product strategy. She founded and launched the eTeach learning management system in 2013, utilized by Fortune 100 companies to manage global leadership skills training programs. Concurrent to operating eTeach, she led product strategy at a media company, where she implemented training to manage against a talent gap in an environment of rapid change and digital transformation.

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